OUR Entrepreneurial culture drives AMP Ahead of the pack

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Founded in 2000 by Michael Balser, AMP is an award winning full-service entrepreneurial marketing company built on the foundation of client service, creativity and providing clients with innovative and cost-efficient solutions. AMP’s team is committed to our client’s success no matter what it takes! We call this ENTREPRENEURIAL MARKETING.

AMP Defines Account Service and Creativity

  • Industry leading experience and entrepreneurial thinking
  • Service from a team that includes the company’s principal with leading industry experience
  • 24-hours-a-day direct access: No politics, no red tape
  • Results achieved quickly

AMP Value Proposition

  • Big agency results with small agency service

AMP knows Local

  • Our core ability is to be able to execute effectively on a local basis
  • We are experts in creating conversation that is a call to action